Evil Diaries: Project Hysteria, GCM and Petro Matad

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Evil Diaries: Project Hysteria, GCM and Petro Matad
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This 3.9% figure is interesting since the casual listener has no idea as to 3.9% of what. Of course in a sense it does not matter. The original  guess  was 4%. But the trouble with 4% is that it sounds a bit vague. Anyway, the 3.9% applies to fifteen years out and given HM Treasury’s forecasts fifteeen weeks ahead it would be best to go back to bed whilst Project Hysteria gathers seriously extravagant claims.

First out of the traps in that race is Governor Carney. He goes for one third off house prices. As guesses go it is an impressive start on what ought to happen anyway. He couldn’t go for 50% off since that is too rounded a figure for him.


GCM (GCM) has entered into an MOU with a Chinese state coal producer to see Phulbari developed in Bangladesh. This RNS pushed the price up from 13p to 31p. It is now rather lower. I paid 23p on the way down since, surely, one day the Bangladesh government will agree to develop this resource which has been held in abeyance for about fifteen years.

Another tired resource junior is Petro Matad (MATD). They have just drilled a duster but there are still four holes to go and c. 3p cash with which to do it. 2.35p may reflect the ennui that has set in. But that is still cheap for those of a patient turn of mind.

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  • Clive says:

    I look forward to reading your blogs, very entertaining. Unfortunately I missed your tip for that Australian horse race, won at 9/1 I think.

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