Evil Diaries: Cherchez La Femme

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Evil Diaries: Cherchez La Femme

I was a little surprised by N.Brown (BWNG)‘s indifferent reaction to its trading update a few days ago and then further surprised by a stake reduction announced by Schroders yesterday. However, undeniable quality will out and today Lady Alliance announced a purchase of a further material slug of BWNG. Readers have been warned.


Caribbean Investments have been swapped for Waterloo Investment Holdings, quoted on the Bermuda Stock Exchange. This is tantamount to a non-quote and holders understandably turn to JP Jenkins as a medium through which they can unload stock. The trouble is that JP Jenkins will not allow members of the public to place bids and offers other than by going through readers’ brokers. This is a slow and cumbersome procedure with the result that nobody can be bothered.


Orosur (OMI) are seemingly going ahead in Colombia despite the indifferent drilling results that were lately announced. This suggests that OMI remains a solid hold. Or at least I hope so.


It is rumoured that the maximum that can be in an ISA is £100,000. The rumour – which presumably originates from HM Treasury – does not clarify whether that is the maximum that can be subscribed or whether a portfolio cannot exceed that sum by way of valuation. There are some ISAs portfolios which hugely exceed £1,000,000. In the meantime it would be wise to shovel as much as possible into an ISA.


Finally, the chairman gave me a copy of Andrew Lownie’s book on the Duke and Duchess of Windsor. The Duke was clearly as vapid as the current Duke of Sussex with the difference that he was also a traitor.

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  • Paul Dean says:

    The dream I have been chasing the last decade in building up my stocks and shares ISA to a million and retiring on it, aiming to make about 5% to 10% per year of it will be destroyed. This is after building up a pot in a nominal trading account where I was going to withdraw £12300 per year out of it until they hit the CGT rate. I thoroughly detest this Conservative party and the political class as a whole, they have just thrown the last decade of saving, investing and risk taking to build for my finer years down the drain!

  • Peter Deaville says:

    I have waterloo investment holdings….I have just found out that they intend to sell the shareholding at price on bermuda stock exchange at the time.How will that work if no trades made?

  • Julian strickland says:

    Interesting that CIHL has gone the way of Midway investments limited (given as a dividend in specie) a few years back. Now we’ll never know what happened to our investment.

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