Evil Diaries: African Memories And Developments

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Evil Diaries: African Memories And Developments

Vassilios Carellas came by for lunch yesterday and we touched upon ARC and Fire Ring. But the real purpose was Central African memories. For instance I recounted the tale of the Original Intrepid Trio. These three were miners on the Northern Rhodesian Copperbelt in 1951 when wages went up to £1,000 per month as a result of a bonus caused by the high price of copper (in turn caused by the Korean war), powder bonus based on minimisation of use of explosives and footage bonus based on how much the shaft was extended.

And so the Intrepid Trio decided to holiday and drive 2,000 miles south to the seaside near Durban and a hotel called UmHlanga Rocks – after all the miners had the money. However, after just eighty miles they came upon an assembly of huts at Kapiri Mposhi and decided to stop for a Castle lager. By about 3.00 a.m. they had been sated and went off to sleep. When they awoke it was midday and, feeling thirsty, they decided to have some more Castle lagers.

And so it was that Day 2 was spent at Kapiri Mposhi. The weather there is nice and warm and, being realistic, Castle lager as chilled in Kapiri Mposhi was and remains identical to that encountered at uMhlanga Rocks.

Accordingly, the Trio settled into spending more of their holiday right there.

Thus after two months they returned to the Copperbelt having saved the motoring costs that would have been incurred had they driven south as originally intended and of course the bills at uMhlanga Rocks. Resourceful thinking.


When I and my wife lived in Lusaka fifty-five years ago there was a massive slum called Kalinga Linga. The police did not investigate there and anyone who got on the wrong side of the locals could have lost his life.

However, events move on and, although Kalinga Linga remains, adjacent to it is now a really tall block of flats. It is called The Burj Kalinga Linga after another tall block of flats in the Middle East The Burj Khalifa. Inspired or what.


I bought 500,000 LDG at 10.4p. This price is barmy and readers are advised to pay up to 13p right now without a moment’s thought. Sometimes (not often) it really is that easy.


If readers can borrow Gamestop (GME on Nasdaq) they should. Currently $18 they should be much lower.


Earlier this week I highlighted Argentina as an investment forum but warned that I myself do not know how to do it. Well, apparently, there is an ETF quoted in the United States. Your money awaits you. Good luck.

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