This company wants to make investing great again

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This company wants to make investing great again

If there is one aspect of our work we at Master Investor are particularly proud of, it’s spotting trends early. Being an independent publication and having a broad network of high calibre contributors and associates, we can focus our efforts on helping private investors get ahead of the curve.

As part of our investigative work, one trend has struck us as particularly noteworthy. What used to be known as crowdfunding and existed on the fringes of the financial markets is set to enter the mainstream, under a different name, and experience explosive growth. Best of all, it will help private investors who are searching desperately for higher returns. In an age of zero interest rates, such alternatives are badly needed indeed.

Forget everything you ever heard about “crowdfunding”

Mention crowdfunding, and most anyone still thinks of hobbyists using the internet to raise small amounts of money to fund whacky inventions or personal pet projects. Indeed, websites like IndieGogo or GoFundMe do just that, and they do it well.

However, there is a different form of crowdfunding emerging in financial markets. It’s better described as online investing, but with a twist. New platforms are emerging that help private investors get access to opportunities that they previously either had no way of investing in, or which were too difficult for them to evaluate.

One of them, and the best one in our view, is SyndicateRoom.

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