Small Cap Catch-Up – TRT, AML, PRV And More

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Small Cap Catch-Up – TRT, AML, PRV And More
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Transense Technologies (LON:TRT) – Sensible Simon Says Buy

The obvious power of Simon Cawkwell’s buying of this group’s shares last week has worked wonders.

The £16m capitalised specialist sensor systems company has seen its shares improve in value since Monday 7th August, when I Profiled the company at 87.5p.

Now at 103p they are beginning to look even more appealing as a purchase, not just because Simon is a new holder, but instead due to increased investor attention, albeit in small purchases.

Yesterday I noticed that Dowgate Wealth has now declared a stake in the group, some 3.28% of the equity.

I like this company and its technology and consider that the shares really are capable of bigger rises in price.

(Profile 17.09.21 @ 102p set a Target Price of 127.5p)

Global Ports Holding (LON:GPH) – A Turkish Delight

Now capitalised at £160m, this independent cruise global port operator is seeing its shares going from strength to strength.

Now at 232p, the shares have more than trebled since my first Profile on the group.

And what is more I do feel that there is even more left to look for if readers wish to hold on to such a cracking performing stock.

Remember analyst Greg Johnson at Shore Capital has a ‘fair value’ of 430p on the shares.

The equity, which is strongly controlled by a Turkish-based quoted group, Global Yatirim Holding, with 67.97m shares, some 66.30% of the stock.

It is perhaps that tightness and relative scarcity that helps to drive the price evr higher.

Hold firmly to positions.

(Profile 11.11.22 @ 81.5p set a Target Price of 100p*)

Aston Martin Lagonda Global Holdings (LON:AML) – Ready For Another Pole Run

Considering the recent swathes of fresh equity cash purchases made by connected parties, at 335p then 372p, I would suggest that this luxury car makers shares are ready for another run-up.

They closed last night at 339.5p, valuing the cash-boosted group at £2.58bn.

Although this company is way out of my normal ‘small cap sector’ we have been very lucky to have caught a fabulous upward swing in the group’s value since my Profile in early May this year at 213.5p.

They touched 396p at the end of July before the inevitable profit-taking set in.

The dealing activity has slowed down a lot in the last few days, which is why I feel that the shares could be ready for another upwards kick.

A strong hold for existing players and, hopefully, a quick market play for new ones too.

(Profile 10.05.23 @ 213.5p set a Target Price of 265p*)

Futura Medical (LON:FUM) – NEOM Demand

In my opinion, this innovative pharmaceutical products group, particularly with its topical gel-based erectile dysfunction treatment, is not to be missed out of growth portfolios.

The latest news, on Wednesday last week, was that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has given regulatory approval for the group’s MED3000 product, branded under the Eroxon name.

It is expected to be launched in Q4 this year.

Would you believe that Saudi Arabia is one of the Top Ten markets in the world, by value, with some 10.45% of married males experiencing ED.

The global market for this group is so substantial that its potential sales and profit numbers must be hard to calculate.

Even so its shares, now at 48.50p, value the group at only £154m.

They have been up to 67p within the last year and can so easily rise back up again very soon.

(Profile 14.03.19 @ 15p set no Target Price)

Card Factory (LON:CARD) – Pre-Festive Purchase

I was more than interested to note in yesterday’s announcements that JP Morgan Asset Management has now built up a holding in this greetings card retail group’s equity.

Now with some 17.31m shares, the fund manager has over 5.05% of the stock.

The UK’s leading specialist retailer, which apart from cards also sells gifts and celebration essentials, closed the books on its first half Trading on 31st July.

A week or so ago it declared that its Interim business has shown a positive start to the year and its results, due in mid-September, will show materially above market expectations.

Sales for the year are estimated to come out at around £503m, with EBITDA of £115m, pushing earnings out at 12p a share.

Last night the shares closed at 110p, valuing the group at £377m.

The analyst consensus Price Objective is 140p a share.

JP Morgan has made a wise call, in time to catch the festive crush.

(Profile 05.08.20 @ 42p set a Target Price of 60p*)

Johnson Service Group (LON:JSG) – Cleaner Costings

Following its mid-July Interims Update, the UK textile services provider is now expected to report operating profits slightly ahead of market expectations, on the back of its revenues rising from £176.2m last year to around £215.0m this year.

It has recently tied up some good fixed-price deals for its anticipated electricity and gas requirements for this year, which will help to boost its management of costings.

The Paris-based Moneta Asset Management group has this week announced that it now holds over 6% of the group’s shares, some 25.95m, from its previous 5.07% holding in late July.

The £468m capitalised group will be announcing its Interim Results on Tuesday 5th September.

After its early May peak this year, at 126.40p, the group’s shares have been down to 101p in early July.

Last night they closed at 111p, hopefully the next Statement will be as positive as expected.

(Profile 24.12.19 @ 196p set a Target Price of 250p)

Porvair (LON:PRV) – Higher Price To Come Filtering Through

I am anticipating an upswing in the share price of this filtration and environmental technology company in the short term.

The Interims to end May, declared in early July, showed sales 10% higher at £90.6m while adjusted pre-tax profits were 20% higher at £11.8m, with earnings at 20.3p, up 22%.

Those figures were a record for the group, which was even more impressive when it is considered that demand across the markets that it serves has been somewhat inconsistent.

The order book has been at record levels and has stayed high.

The momentum of the first half is expected to continue, with Management confident of the group’s longer-term prospects.

The shares, which touched 700p in February this year, closed last night at just 605p valuing the group at £287m.

I see them rising back up to the 700p mark within the next few months.

(Profile 05.10.20 @ 510p set a Target Price of 600p*)

(Asterisks * denote that Target Prices have been achieved since Profile publication)

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