The automotive giants driving towards the future

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The automotive giants driving towards the future

In this month’s Opportunities in Focus column I want to discuss why the global automotive industry is at a critical juncture in its evolution. After more than a century of reliance on fossil fuels, the electrification of vehicular transport is going to be huge. Only one car in a hundred today is powered by electricity, but some forecasts reckon that that could be nearly one in ten by 2025 – and that more than half the cars on our planet will be electric-powered within just 15 years. And many – possibly most – of those cars in 2032 will be self-driving.

This month I want to ask: Which of the current players in this mature global industry are best placed to ride these trends and profit best?

What is clear is that a number of major automotive manufacturers are becoming leaders in new technologies. Some might even shift away from making cars as such to focus on automotive technology. And everywhere we see the coming together of automotive technology with information technology. It turns out that the cars of the future will be robots on which we shall hitch rides…

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