How to invest in an age of longevity

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How to invest in an age of longevity

So people are going to live longer. And old age will not necessarily mean infirmity. The demographics are already changing rapidly: by 2045 over 65s will make up one quarter of the population in the UK – that will be nearly 19 million citizens. This trend is even more pronounced in Japan and Germany. Companies that offer goods and services to older citizens therefore have a rapidly growing market. And older people have the most assets and thus spending power.

This month I want to identify opportunities and challenges offered by growing grey power – and the change of norms and attitudes that this will entail. For one thing, the idea of retirement itself should be quietly junked, just as we have already junked the idea of continuous lifetime employment. Only the very wealthy will be able to afford to give up work completely. Thus over 65s will increasingly be enthusiastic members of the workforce, if usually part-timers. They will run marathons and take adventurous holidays. They will also incur huge medical bills…

Welcome to a silver-grey future….

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