I must be missing something

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I must be missing something

I must be missing something but there has been a huge miss or fail on deliveries/completions of Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) cars. In normal circumstances this should have pole-axed the share price but in fact there has been only a marginal decline. Very odd. But there is the sweetener in that the short sell opportunity remains and is even more glaringly obvious. Now $350.


There is a group of victims who did not realise their victim status but are now only too well aware of it. These are Harvey Weinstein’s ignored ladies. They were espied by Harvey and could have been approached but for some reason were not. These ladies must now be wondering what was wrong with them. One should be compassionate.


I and the chairman [Jim Mellon] and Farhad Moshiri, owner of Everton Football Club, have bought a Lope de Vega (out of Poppets Sweetlove) filly. It is to be trained by Archie Watson, the emerging star de nos jours.

I and my wife visited his stables, Saxon Gate, on Sunday. It is located in The Valley of the Racehorse, more irreverently known as the Valley of Debt – training racehorses is not necessarily a profitable business. I welcome a name submission from readers. Not more than eighteen letters including gaps. Nothing too saucy – so to clear sauciness control at the British Horseracing Authority.

There is no guarantee that a name submitted will be accepted even if it is a jolly good name. But that is how it is in the world of nomenclature.

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