Valirx, an oncology-focussed biopharmaceutical company developing treatments and diagnostics,.  Technologies are selected by using rigorous processes to address market needs.  Valirx’s clinical lead product is VAL201, for prostate with follow-on indications in ovarian and breast cancers & endometriosis.  VAL401, is directed at lung & pancreatic cancer. The Company’s proprietary technology platform, GeneICE, enables selective silencing of rebellious genes’ inappropriate activity.  VAL101, the first GeneICE therapeutic, targets and reduces expression of Bcl-2, implicated in about half of cancers. GeneICE is also of use in inflammatory and genetic diseases.  Valirx is a novel diagnostic.  NAV3 detects pre-cancerous, cancerous and metastatic cells in tissue samples even before a tumour forms; indicating potential malignant.  The company also have a high throughput gene screening technology called TRAC.