Research Tree

We conceived Research Tree over a year ago to fill a gap in the market. We strongly believe there is an active community of private investors that want more rigorous analysis of the companies they invest in. Professional research was only readily accessible to fund managers. Our new platform levels the playing field by offering that same research in real time to eligible private investors.

Last February, Rob Mundy quit his job leading the European Oil & Gas E&P coverage at Credit Suisse. He then started Research Tree and built a great team who spent the next year signing up quality research providers (20 and growing) and building an incredibly user friendly platform.

Today we offer coverage of 85% of the FTSE 100, over half the FTSE 250 and 2/3rds of AIM. We have over 220 contributing analysts, nearly 8,000 reports, and we will continue to grow our breadth and depth of coverage.