Deutsche Börse Cash Market

We make cash markets work

Deutsche Börse Group has concentrated all its cash market activities in Deutsche Börse Cash Market. It organises one of the leading cash markets in Europe and offers companies, brokers and investors access to the German and international capital markets. Our product portfolio and services cover the admission of securities to trading – according to recognised rules and in customised markets. In the form of Xetra® and Börse Frankfurt (Frankfurt Stock Exchange) we operate two of the world’s most renowned trading platforms where prices are determined on the exchange and, thanks to the Central Counter Party (CCP), with minimum default risk for stock and bond transactions.

Capital seeking companies are offered financing alternatives. When raising equity capital through shares, companies can choose to be listed in one of the three clearly structured segments: Prime Standard, General Standard and Scale. For raising debt capital through issuing corporate bonds you can choose between Scale for corporate bonds or Prime Standard for corporate bonds. Deutsche Börse Cash Market is an important interface between issuers and the capital market. Its IPO & IR services accompany firms before, during and after their IPO. Besides, companies are also offered professional expertises by Deutsche Börse Capital Market Partner.

Deutsche Börse Cash Market champions regulated and transparent markets that enable efficient, safe and fair securities trading. We provide solutions for efficiently raising and allocating capital, in this way laying important foundations for the real economy. Through this commitment, we make a valuable contribution to ensuring the exchanges fulfil their macroeconomic role.

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