The Diabetic Boot Company Limited

The Diabetic Boot Company owns the Pulse-Flow Pulseboot®, a new form of diabetic friendly footwear with integrated offloading capabilities and the patented Pulseflow technology which aids in the promotion of blood flow and improved circulation in one product. In the UK £650m a year is spent on diabetic foot ulcer treatment and subsequent amputations, however, many of them are avoidable given proper care and special diabetic footwear. Improving foot care and reducing the number of diabetic foot ulcers and amputations are key aims for health systems around the globe.

CE marked Patented $1,000,000,000 opportunity, supported by Global Experts in the field
De-risked investment opportunity; clear business model
Diabetes is growing exponentially; so are diabetic foot ulcers (DFU). Costly (~$32,000) to heal, leading to amputation in 20% of cases.
Pulseboot addresses 4 needs of these hard to heal wounds

  • Looks like normal footwear (social stigma)
  • Records patient compliance (improves healing)
  • Pumps blood round the foot (improves oxygenation)
  • Reduces pressure on wound during walking ( faster healing)