123 Gaming

123 Gaming 123gaming is an award winning real-money and freeplay betting operator that has overcome significant barriers to entry to a large market relatively sheltered from competition, and has several proven USPs.

Having generated around $3 million in the first 6 months the company has proven the Costs Per Customer Acquisition (CPA) versus Customer Lifetime Value (LTV) and customer acquisition channels for the business. Existing revenue streams and customer acquisition tools include:

a fully-legal US licensed and based online and mobile betting website called 123bet.com a unique real money bet type available online and to betting venues and racetracks across the $11bn United States horse racing betting market – the 123racing Wager. customized and fully-managed online freeplay betting contests for major racetrack and media customers/partners.

The company counts the largest player in the global pools betting industry as a distribution partner with a footprint in more than 30 countries, and aims to become a leading social skill gaming provider to a global pools betting industry segment worth $90bn pa, leveraging existing partnerships and industry relationships to roll-out to five further countries by 2019. The company is now raising $3 million for customer acquisition and additional U.S. licenses that will increase the market addressed by $2–4 billion. www.123gaming.com www.123bet.com