How to connect with investors at your exhibitor stand

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How to connect with investors at your exhibitor stand

Part 1 of an exclusive “how to” blog series – written for exhibitors of Master Investor Show.

You’ve set up your stall and you’ve perfected your pitch, but when it comes to exhibiting are you really ready for your audience? You are looking for someone to invest in you and there is no truer saying than “people buy from people”, so make sure you follow these tips.

Capture attention

First things first. Arrive early and make sure you are prepared with everything you need on your stand. Who do you think will capture the most attention – the people still setting up, or the people ready and waiting to see their visitors?

Once you are on the stand, always look as though you are ready to welcome your visitors. There is nothing worse than seeing people chatting to other colleagues, playing with phones or generally looking bored.

Capture attention, MI Show 2017

Your stand should always be professionally presented. Our aim is to build your brand name so that you are the go-to option for investors; it is important that you make your mark in the right way. This means not leaving half empty cups of coffee or rubbish lying around as this will affect your one and only chance to make a good first impression.

Provoke conversation

Do not pounce! You will only scare people off. Start with a bit of eye contact, a smile or some acknowledgement that you have seen them. You could then try something off topic such as “what’s the weather doing out there?” or “I really like your coat/scarf/glasses” – these are common ice breakers that sales people use as a way of building relationships.

Next, try to link the conversation back to what you are doing. Ask them what they think of the exhibition, what brought them there or if they have they come from far away. Maybe even ask if they have heard of you before. These are open questions, which are much better than closed ones, such as “can I help you?” which generally warrant a much shorter response.

Provoke conversation, MI Show 2017

Speak to the right person

Our events generally attract serious private investors, but they differ between those who know what they are looking for and those who aren’t so sure. It is your job to decide which it is and this can be done by a bit of gentle conversation. Ask them what they do, who they work for or work with. Find out a bit about them.

There are different levels of investor too. Our delegate profile is generally 92% active investors, 61% manage a portfolio worth up to £250,000 and 11% over £1million – so find the right person for you and your company’s business objectives.

Speak to the right person, MI Show 2017


Don’t forget that our team can help you too. We offer the opportunity to work with a dedicated account manager, who will act in partnership with you, and offer guidance and support. We can also offer a range of media and marketing campaigns to help promote your business before, during and after the event. Contact me below to find out more.

By James Hudson, Partnerships Manager, Master Investor

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