Zak Mir on bulletin board favourites; POS, EME & THT

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By Zak Mir.

It is very often the case that one should keep an eye on what is bubbling up on the bulletin boards, if only so that you look at the charting position/newsflow to check if there is a possible opportunity that you might otherwise have missed. In the case of the three shares listed below, they all have aspects which merit keeping them on a trading watch list.

Plexus Holdings (POS): 

  • Triple unfilled gaps to the upside from July – massive bullish implications
  • Failure to fill last gap down to 229p another significant positive.
  • Implied upside within post summer price channel towards 320p while above 260p zone 

Empyrean Energy (EME): 

  • Wide rising 2 year price channel targeting towards 11p plus
  • Support from 2011 price channel / 200 day moving average towards 6p
  • Weekly close above 8p an entry trigger for cautious traders. 

Thorntons (THT): 

  • Persistent and extended breakout and fundamental re-rating for confectioner Thorntons
  • Runaway move with momentum likely to surprise on upside even after all the gains.
  • 10 day moving average support at 121p is the end of day close stop loss on the buy argument and a target towards 175p over next 1-2 months. 

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