Zak Mir interviewed by Sharecast

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[0:22] 1.40 in the euro/dollar, red line in the sand for the ECB or not? No

[01:13] Where do we see cable heading in the next few weeks? Up

[01:55] If cable moves up to 1.65, should we expect a reaction from the Bank of England? Yes

[02:33] Miscommunication on the part of the Fed or complacency on the part of traders? A non-event

[03:23] Equity markets have gotten a little bit ahead of themselves or not? Yes in America

[04:00] FTSE 100 up or down from here? Up

[05:00] FTSE 100 next year, up or down? Up, if 7,000 is broken

[05:32] A stock you like a lot is? BP

[06:10] A stock you hate? Aggreko

[06:33] UK housing, a bubble or not? Definite bubble in London, effecting the rest of the country

[07:26] Should the ECB cut rates, yes or no? No, they will probably leave them alone

[08:24] The US government shutdown, will we see a repeat?  Don’t view this as a market view

[09:15] China and Japan, macroeconomic accidents waiting to happen? China – we are forced to go with their line; Japan – at the moment stuck in no man’s land

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