Weekend lesson – the dangers of bulletin boards…

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We present below in all its insulting glory a post to us from an individual who goes by the handle of “SueYou1” on ADVFN.

Regular readers will know that we have covered Ceres Power extensively both on this blog and in our “5 Potential 10 bagger piece” in the July edition of our magazine (link here – http://issuu.com/spreadbetmagazine/docs/spreadbet-magazine-v6_generic).

Thus far, our analysis has been spot on as the stock has risen from 5p to 15p recently and currently rests at 12p. At the current price,there is no IP value on what is clearly very valuable IP, the potential marketplace runs to hundres of millions of pounds, they have distribution of the products lined up in Europe, a glowing 3rd party validation of the technology and a ready made commercial partner with British Gas. The stock was previously valued by an industry partner (BG) at over £300m. Our contention is that the market potential should be valued at £50m plus net cash hence the investment case and 50p price expectation.

From last weeks industry commentary – Fuel-cell maker Ceres Power says an independent review has concluded its technology is on track to provide combined heat and power in people’s homes. The group’s main product is a fuel-cell that operates on mains natural gas and generates the heating and hot water and the majority of the electricity for a typical UK home. Dr Nguyen Minh, a former Chief Scientist at GE Global Research, has given the Ceres kit the thumbs up, concluding that it will be robust enough for residential use and cheap enough to make commercially viable.

Below is “SueYou’s” post in all its insulting glory. We make this post to illustrate the very real dangers of believing what you see on bulletin boards – they are anonymous forums that people with specific intentions can, and do, use to do their worst…


22 Sep’12 – 09:34 – 4293 of 4294 

Spreadbetmag, you are living on another planet and are a ramping fool. (I bet you are not really from Spread Bet Magazine either, or you would not be on here posting such a load of drivel!)

I have NEVER held CWR stock and I have NEVER shorted CWR stock, so I have NEVER been hurt by it.

Stop talking rubbish based on just looking at the chart. The company has 4.5 months cash, it needs FOUR YEARS cash, some £40m to £50m needs to be raised over the next 2-3 years, £10m minimum right now. Everyone KNOWS except YOU. It reports it’s final results at the end of September and MUST show it has enough cash to last at least 12 MONTHS to be classed as A GOING CONCERN, if it cannot do this it will be DELISTED from AIM.

If it can’t raise the cash to stay afloat IT IS BANKRUPT, so stop talking rubbish.”

SueYou – as we are fond of saying here – let the market be the ultimate arbiter.


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