Upcoming Webinar: Creative Destruction in the age of Coronavirus

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Upcoming Webinar: Creative Destruction in the age of Coronavirus

Covid-19 has brought some industries to their knees whilst providing a catalyst for others to accelerate the changes that they are bringing to people’s lives. It is perhaps no coincidence that many of the companies that have adapted well to Covid-19 – and seen their share prices respond accordingly – have been those at the cutting edge of technological change.

The fund managers at Scottish Mortgage Trust know this all too well, as the trust’s portfolio is exposed to some of the most disruptive businesses in the world. In this Master Investor webinar, Master Investor editor James Faulkner talks to Catharine Flood of Baillie Gifford, investment manager for Scottish Mortgage Trust, and James Carthew of QuotedData.

Topics we’ll cover include:

– Coronavirus, lockdown and creative destruction
Some of the changes to our lives will be temporary but others may stay around for longer. In many ways, this crisis will act as a catalyst for change and accelerate many of the secular trends that were already observable before the virus hit. We explore what this means for investors.

– The new normal and the stocks that are benefiting
Many stocks have already seen their valuations race ahead as investors incorporate the potential long-term changes to society and the economy. We’ll look at some of the companies Scottish Mortgage holds in its portfolio and how they’re positioned to take advantage of these themes.

– Big tech: valuations, monopolies and regulation
The FAANGS have become even more powerful on the back of the fallout from Covid-19 – but does this make them a target for governments and regulators?

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