This looks bullish to me: an extract from the Diaries of Evil Knievil

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The man the Daily Mail dubbed “The King of the Short Sellers”, Evil Knievil (aka Simon Cawkwell) is Britain’s most feared bear-raider. A big man with a bigger reputation, Evil Knievil famously made £1 million by short selling shares in Northern Rock during its collapse. He also uses his knowledge and experience to buy shares, often resulting in the same devastating effect.

Three times a week Evil provides his thoughts and musings on the markets only at Read an extract from Evil’s latest diaries below and click the banner at the bottom of the page for a free trial to the website…

As the lunatics firm up their faux posture towards Russia, there is the possibility that Russia will cut off gas to western Europe. If this were to happen, the insistence upon British home-produced gas, whether from shale or whatever, will become very shrill. At that point, gas from shale will happen at the end of a gun wielded by HMG which will negate all the environmental protesters’ blather. Probably best to hold on to Igas (IGAS), now 116p.


Audioboom (BOOM) declare that substantial investors are trying to get in on the act. Audioboom say no. This looks bullish to me: BOOM is now at 6.25p.


I have eased back from GCM Resources (GCM) since there are no further signs from Bangladesh that, finally, Phulbari can go ahead. I think it will go ahead but one would have to be nuts to expect to start, say, next week.


Mothercare (MTC) duly reported and now stands at 250p. There will not be a bid from Destination Maternity. So keep short.


Finally, for lunch I entertained a chum with a sustained Bolly ‘n’ Bordeaux session. After which it was horses all the way. I made £70,000 on the most remarkable flat race I have seen for many years. I was content with my £36,000. Since I had been engaged in hard pounding from 5.30 a.m. I slept very well.

The following day, I did it all over again. Delightfully, at the close, I had made £150,000 on the week just sports betting.


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