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Although it is great to have the chance of being middle aged (46), if I had followed the advice of My Generation by The Who (only one of them did) and died before I got old, I would have missed out on a couple of pet hates. The first is the Man Bag (don’t think Charles Bronson would have had one), and the second is a new concept of the “thought leader.” Apparently Barack Obama is one, a person  who has done nothing apart from make it to the White House (the difficult bit), and then stare out of the window of the Oval Office for four years! In fact, on Linkedin, which is where I saw the thought leader concept, Mitt “believe in America” Romney is also a TL. I do not think much of the serial gaffe maker either, binders or no binders.

It should be an interesting week next week for both the financial media & I too. Having not been on CNBC or Bloomberg for over 6 years, I should be back on CNBC on Tuesday at 16.45. Feeling a little rusty, I decided to watch the channel whose presenters are generally sharp and as entertaining as you can be given the subject matter! But then I was reminded that there are three different types of guest.

The first is the eternal pessimist / bear, usually a hedge fund manager, or someone who thinks by spouting sadistic gloom and doom they would appear to gain kudos with the viewer. Type 2 is the eternal optimistic who suggests that growth is just around the corner, every dip should be bought into, and of course is almost always a stockbroker (cynicism me?) – wanting to you buy even if the FTSE 100 is going to halve over the next year! The final type is the guest who leaves you knowing no more or, in some cases, even less than you did when they first started speaking. This is the “it could go up, it could go down” merchant, someone who does not want to risk making a mistake, and is just there to get some airtime for his company. If pushed, and say if the FTSE 100 is down, he will say the markets  look bearish, and when up, that the markets look bullish – thanks for wisdom. Oh yes, in case you are wondering, I am in a category all of my own – the thought leading market commentator! Don’t miss me on Tuesday at 16:45pm on CNBC!!

Today’s stock idea comes in the form of the much followed Nighthawk (HAWK) where, until today, the position seemed to be set up as a slam dunk winner for the bulls. However, there has been a gap to the downside – always an ominous sign. What will be key is whether the shares can hold onto the initial support of just over 5p over the next few sessions. I am loathed to stick a sell on the stock, if only on the basis of the 50 day / 200 day moving average golden cross buy signal this  month. This is a tough one, and if pushed, I would be a buyer. Holding 5p should deliver last year’s price channel top of 8p over the next 4-6 weeks. I hope!

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