The “ghoul’s” are back…

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Below is a comment posted by one of those vile excuses of humanity. The sort of character that thinks Stuart Mills and Jimmy Savile are pillars of the establishment no doubt…!

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notice your trading buys/conviction buys list has been removed from your About Us section.

since virtually all of your recent calls halved promptly (kaz avm lcg enrc ext etc) its not suprising.

poor…truly dreadful.”

For the record “Mr Ghoul” – the About Us page has been consolidated to make way for a brand new bulletin board and secondly, a new page for our Titan Funds which will display the performance of our trading capability each month very clearly.

You also omit to mention the 85% of calls that were spot on and made money for us and hopefully our readers. We are very sorry if we do not get 100% of the calls correct and that we are a little too early in the recent calls on ABG, KAZ & AVM. LCG by the way moved up 50% initially from our recommended call and is now back to our entry level. Secondly, if you position size appropriately then a 15% wrong call rate should not even touch your profitability.

Please take your readership elsewhere Mr “Ghoul”.

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