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Monday March 4, 2013

UK Reporting: African Barrick Gold Plc, ABG, (Pr), Amlin Plc, AML, (R), Amlin Plc, AML, e, (CC), Astrazeneca Plc, AZN, (Pr), Aviva Plc, AV, (Pr), Aviva Plc, AV, (Pr), British Polythene Industries, BPI, (R), Cls Holdings Plc, CLI, e, (CC), Cls Holdings Plc, CLI, (R), Hsbc Holdings Plc, HSBA, (R), Hsbc Holdings Plc, HSBA, e, (CC), Intl Consolidated Airline-Di, IAG, (Pr), Intertek Group Plc, ITRK, (R), Jpmorgan Russian Securities, JRS, (SM), Keller Group Plc, KLR, (R), Rolls-Royce Holdings Plc, RR, (Pr), Shire Plc, SHP, (Pr), Ultra Electronics Hldgs Plc, ULE, (R), Wpp Plc, WPP, (Pr)

S&P 500 Reporting: None Detailed

Euro Stoxx 600 Reporting: Amlin PLC, R, 0.464,  Bank of Ireland, R, -0.047,  Exor SpA, R, 2.875,  HSBC Holdings PLC, R, 0.883,  Intertek Group PLC, R, 1.283,  Kuehne + Nagel International AG, R, 4.395,  Ultra Electronics Holdings PLC, R, 1.217

Economic Data:

  • 09:30 UK February PMI Construction, 48.7 previous
  • 10:00 Eurozone January Eurozone PPI, 0.4% exp. -0.2% previous

Economic Events:

  • Euro Area Finance Ministers Meet in Brussels

Tuesday March 5, 2013

UK Reporting: 4Imprint Group Plc, FOUR, (R), Aberforth Smaller Cos-Ord, ASL, (SM), Ashtead Group Plc, AHT, (R), Astrazeneca Plc, AZN, (Pr), Beazley Plc, BEZ, (Pr), Blackrock Frontiers Invest, BRFI, (SM), Bp Plc, BP, (Pr), Bp Plc, BP, (Pr), Catlin Group Ltd, CGL, (Pr), Glencore International Plc, GLEN, e, (CC), Glencore International Plc, GLEN, (R), Intl Consolidated Airline-Di, IAG, (R), Jardine Lloyd Thompson Group, JLT, e, (CC), Jardine Lloyd Thompson Group, JLT, (R), Jkx Oil & Gas Plc, JKX, (Pr), Menzies (John) Plc, MNZS, (R), Wood Group (John) Plc, WG, (R), Lancashire Holdings Ltd, LRE, (Pr), Legal & General Group Plc, LGEN, (Pr), Meggitt Plc, MGGT, e, (CC), Meggitt Plc, MGGT, (R), Michael Page International, MPI, (R), Michael Page International, MPI, e, (CC), Moneysupermarket.Com, MONY, e, (CC), Moneysupermarket.Com, MONY, (R), Pace Plc, PIC, (R), Pace Plc, PIC, e, (CC), Perform Group Plc, PER, e, (CC), Perform Group Plc, PER, (R), Prudential Plc, PRU, (Pr), Regus Plc, RGU, e, (CC), Regus Plc, RGU, (R), Rotork Plc, ROR, (R), Royal Dutch Shell Plc-A Shs, RDSA, (Pr), Serco Group Plc, SRP, e, (CC), Serco Group Plc, SRP, (R), Standard Chartered Plc, STAN, (R), Standard Chartered Plc, STAN, e, (CC), Standard Chartered Plc, STAN, (Pr), Standard Chartered Plc, STAN, (SM), Tullett Prebon Plc, TLPR, (SM), Tullett Prebon Plc, TLPR, e, (CC), Tullett Prebon Plc, TLPR, (R), Vodafone Group Plc, VOD, (Oth), Xstrata Plc, XTA, (R)

S&P 500 Reporting: None Detailed

Euro Stoxx 600 Reporting: Ashtead Group PLC, Q3, 0.042,  ASM International NV, R, 0.662,  Beiersdorf AG, R, 2.131,  Deutsche Post AG, R, 1.273,  EDP – Energias de Portugal SA, R, 0.285,  Elekta AB, Q3, 1.083,  GAM Holding AG, R, 0.87,  Glencore International PLC, R, 0.475,  Groupe Bruxelles Lambert SA, R, 4.153,  Jardine Lloyd Thompson Group PLC, R, 0.49,  John Wood Group PLC, R, 0.839,  Meggitt PLC, R, 0.343,  Michael Page International PLC, R, 0.139,  OC Oerlikon Corp AG, R, 0.674,  Paddy Power PLC, R, 2.476,  Pargesa Holding SA, R, 3.905,  Rotork PLC, R, 1.101,  RWE AG, R, 4.076,  Serco Group PLC, R, 0.406,  Standard Chartered PLC, R, 2.15,  Topdanmark A/S, R, 129.933,  Xstrata PLC, R, 1.163

Economic Data:

  • 09:00 Eurozone February PMI Services, 47.3 exp. 47.3 previous
  • 09:30 UK February PMI Services, 51.3 exp. 51.5 previous
  • 10:00 Eurozone January Retail Sales, 0.2% exp. -0.8% previous
  • 15:00 US February Non Manufacturing ISM, 55.0 exp. 55.2 previous

Economic Events:-

  • EU-27 Finance Ministers Meet in Brussels


  • FTSE Index Quarterly Review uses today’s closing prices

Wednesday March 6, 2013

UK Reporting: Admiral Group Plc, ADM, (R), Admiral Group Plc, ADM, e, (CC), Amec Plc, AMEC, (Pr), Bg Group Plc, BG, (Pr), Bp Plc, BP, (Pr), Cape Plc, CIU, (R), Chime Communications Plc, CHW, e, (CC), Chime Communications Plc, CHW, (R), Costain Group Plc, COST, (R), Dignity Plc, DTY, e, (CC), Dignity Plc, DTY, (R), Easyjet Plc, EZJ, (R), International Personal Finan, IPF, (R), International Personal Finan, IPF, e, (CC), Investec Plc, INVP, (Pr), Ip Group Plc, IPO, e, (R), Fisher (James) & Sons Plc, FSJ, (R), Legal & General Group Plc, LGEN, (R), Lookers Plc, LOOK, (SM), Lookers Plc, LOOK, (R), Management Consulting Group, MMC, (SM), Management Consulting Group, MMC, (R), Melrose Industries Plc, MRO, (R), Ophir Energy Plc, OPHR, (R), Petrofac Ltd, PFC, (Pr), Royal Dutch Shell Plc-A Shs, RDSA, (Pr), Royal Dutch Shell Plc-A Shs, RDSA, (Pr), Sportech Plc, SPO, e, (CC), Sportech Plc, SPO, (R), Sportingbet Plc, SBT, e, (R), Tarsus Group Plc, TRS, e, (CC), Tarsus Group Plc, TRS, (R), Unite Group Plc, UTG, e, (CC), Unite Group Plc, UTG, (R)

FTSE 100 Dividends: BHP Billiton PLC, BLT, ($0.57),  CRH PLC, CRH, (€0.44),  Rio Tinto PLC, RIO, (60.34),  Shire PLC, SHP, (9.39),  TUI Travel PLC, TT/, (8.30)

FTSE 250 Dividends: BlackRock World Mining Trust PLC, BRWM, (14),  Brewin Dolphin Holdings PLC, BRW, (3.60),  Direct Line Insurance Group PLC, DLG, (8),  Domino Printing Sciences PLC, DNO, (13.39),  Hays PLC, HAS, (.83),  Jupiter Fund Management PLC, JUP, (6.30),  Kier Group PLC, KIE, (21.50),  Murray Income Trust PLC, MUT, (7),  Oxford Instruments PLC, OXIG, (3.05),  Personal Assets Trust PLC/Fund, PNL, (140),  Renishaw PLC, RSW, (11.33),  Spirent Communications PLC, SPT, (1.21),  St Modwen Properties PLC, SMP, (2.42)

FTSE Small Share: Centaur Media PLC, CAU, (.825),  Darty Plc, DRTY, (€0.00875),  Henderson Asian Growth Trust PLC, HAGT, (3.25),  Henderson Diversified Income Ltd, HDIV, (n/a),  Henderson Global Trust PLC/Fund, HGL, (2.50),  IRP Property Investments Ltd, IRP, (1.80),  JPMorgan European Investment Trust PLC, JETG, (1.15),  JPMorgan European Investment Trust PLC, JETI, (1.25),  JPMorgan Mid Cap Investment Trust PLC, JMF, (5.50),  Lavendon Group PLC, LVD, (2),  Primary Health Properties PLC, PHP, (9.50),  Ricardo PLC, RCDO, (4),  Ruffer Investment Company Ltd, RICA, (1.60),  Scottish American Investment Co PLC/fund, SCAM, (2.50),  Securities Trust of Scotland PLC, STS, (1.15),  SVM Global Fund PLC, SVG, (2),  Town Centre Securities PLC, TCSC, (7.34)

S&P 500 Reporting: Brown-Forman Corp, Q3, 0.699,  PetSmart Inc, Q4, 1.204,  Staples Inc, Q4, 0.446

Euro Stoxx 600 Reporting: Admiral Group PLC, R, 0.909,  Axel Springer AG, R, 2.538,  Henkel AG & Co KGaA, R, 3.672,  Legal & General Group PLC, R, 0.141,  Melrose Industries PLC, R, 0.16,  Ophir Energy PLC, R, -0.169,  SCOR SE, R, 2.24,  Valiant Holding, R, 7.28,  Verbund AG, R, 1.177

Economic Data:

  • 10:00 Eurozone Q4 GDP, -0.6% exp. -0.6% previous
  • 15:00 Bank of Canada Rate Announcement, 1.0% exp. 1.0% previous
  • 15:00 US January Factory Orders, -2.2% exp. 1.8% previous

Economic Events:

  • 09:45 Mervyn King and Andrew Bailey Speak in Parliament
  • 19:00 US Federal Reserve Releases Beige Book


  • FTSE Index Quarterly Release, current expectation Easyjet (EZJ) into FTSE 100, Serco (SRP) demoted
  • Changes to take effect Monday March 18

Thursday March 7, 2013

UK Reporting: Aggreko Plc, AGK, e, (CC), Aggreko Plc, AGK, (R), Aviva Plc, AV, e, (CC), Aviva Plc, AV, (R), Avocet Mining Plc, AVM, (R), Avocet Mining Plc, AVM, e, (CC), Balfour Beatty Plc, BBY, (R), Balfour Beatty Plc, BBY, e, (CC), Barclays Plc, BARC, (Pr), Cineworld Group Plc, CINE, (R), Clarkson Plc, CKN, (R), Cobham Plc, COB, e, (CC), Cobham Plc, COB, (R), Ds Smith Plc, SMDS, (R), Electra Private Equity Plc, ELTA, (SM), Glaxosmithkline Plc, GSK, (Oth), Goldenport Holdings Inc, GPRT, e, (R), Hardy Oil & Gas Plc, HDY, (R), Hunting Plc, HTG, (R), Imi Plc, IMI, e, (CC), Imi Plc, IMI, (R), Inmarsat Plc, ISAT, e, (CC), Inmarsat Plc, ISAT, (R), Management Consulting Group, MMC, e, (CC), Novae Group Plc, NVA, (R), Petropavlovsk Plc, POG, (SM), Schroders Plc, SDR, e, (CC), Schroders Plc, SDR, (R), Sig Plc, SHI, e, (CC), Sig Plc, SHI, (R), Spirax-Sarco Engineering Plc, SPX, (R), Spirax-Sarco Engineering Plc, SPX, e, (CC), Standard Life Plc, SL, (R), Standard Life Plc, SL, e, (CC)

S&P 500 Reporting: H&R Block Inc, Q3, -0.016,  Kroger Co/The, Q4, 0.697

Euro Stoxx 600 Reporting: Adidas AG, R, 3.809,  Aggreko PLC, R, 1.018,  Aviva PLC, R, 0.441,  Balfour Beatty PLC, R, 0.346,  Carrefour SA, R, 1.23,  Cobham PLC, R, 0.211,  Continental AG, R, 10.096,  Davide Campari-Milano SpA, R, 0.296,  Delhaize Group SA, R, 4.223,  Hannover Rueckversicherung AG, R, 6.787,  Hunting PLC, R, 0.56,  IMI PLC, R, 0.818,  Inmarsat PLC, R, 0.601,  JCDecaux SA, R, 0.968,  Lagardere SCA, R, 1.875,  Linde AG, R, 7.741,  Merck KGaA, R, 7.547,  OPAP SA, R, 1.34,  Schroders PLC, R, 0.988,  Spirax-Sarco Engineering PLC, R, 1.237,  Standard Life PLC, R, 0.255,  Telecom Italia SpA, R, 0.127

Economic Data:-

  • 12:00 Bank of England Rate Announcement, 0.5% exp. 0.5% previous
  • 12:45 ECB Rate Announcement, 0.75% exp. 0.75% previous
  • 13:30 US January Trade Balance, -$43.0bn exp. -$38.5bn previous
  • 13:30 US Initial Jobless Claims, 355k exp. 344k previous

Economic Events:

  • 13:30 ECB Press Conference
  • 21:30 US Fed releases results of its supervisory stress tests

Friday March 8, 2013

UK Reporting: Aga Rangemaster Group Plc, AGA, (R), Arm Holdings Plc, ARM, (SM), Blackrock Commodities Income, BRCI, (SM), Headlam Group Plc, HEAD, (R), Marshalls Plc, MSLH, (R), Sthree Plc, STHR, (R), Sthree Plc, STHR, (R), Talvivaara Mining Co Plc, TALV, (SM)

S&P 500 Reporting: Carnival Corp, Q1, 0.043

Euro Stoxx 600 Reporting: Atlantia SpA, R, 1.057,  Fugro NV, R, 3.58,  Iliad SA, R, 2.903

Economic Data:-

  • 13:30 US February Change in Non Farm Payrolls, 151k exp. 157k previous

Economic Events:-

  • S&P Dow Jones Index Quarterly Review Final Announcement


  • US moves to Daylight Saving, Sunday March 10
  • UK does not move to BST until Sunday March 31
  • Until March 31 the US Markets will open UK time 13:30 and close 20:00

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