The case for $10,000 gold

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Throughout all of history, there has never been a single instance where a fiat currency did not end in hyperinflation and complete collapse. There is not one example of a successful fiat currency. Because the simple thing is that if you give a printing press, in simplified terms, to a politician, a king, an emperor, a president, a prime minister, you name it, they will overuse it every single time. That is just human nature. And that is what happens. 

It is particularly a deficiency in democracy, because democracy will also always have people vote themselves a bunch of benefits that the politicians promise to get elected. And that is how you get this spiral effect that keeps going. So the end result is the same.

This time around, though, we are in unchartered territory, because you have got global fiat currencies and you have got a global reserve currency. So unlike hyperinflations in the past  like, everybody knows about Germany, it was restricted to a country – this time it is going to be global. 

In terms of the short term, there is probably no other choice but to print more, because if the Fed pulled back in its quantitative easing, we would have a massive depression. So for the moment, you print more. But the problem is, what happens down the road?”

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