The Best of Evil Knievel Diaries – special part serialisation this week.

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Each day this week we will print a snippet from our special guide – “Evil Knievil Diaries – the Best of!” If you’d like a copy of his entire utterances during 2013 then click the image below to request your free copy.


FastJet (FJET) has lifted significantly away from the 4p placing area and on pretty hearty volume too. Just guessing, but this stock has the potential to take on cult status.

Range Resources (RRL) keeps easing down. It is now 3.2p. There is no reason to cover shorts.

Elsewhere, I bought Gulf Keystone (GKP) and Leni Gas & Oil (LGO). Different reasons of course, but the pursuit of profit was, and remains, the driver.

I suspect Heseltine is wrong over the effect on British business and jobs, were we to withdraw from the EU. And, if Sir Richard Branson says that withdrawal is bad, to me it’s good! Do not forget: all Europhiles have an obligation to lie if, in their judgement, lying assists the ever closer union that the EU is supposed to be. Truly, they are hoist with their own petard. 

Citron Research last night did another hatchet job on Intuitive Surgical (ISRG) listed on Nasdaq and whose business is keyhole surgery robot designers and manufacturers. Amazingly, the stock went up from circa $490 — it is now about $515. Apparently, Lazard’s are hard at promoting this stock. However, read Citron’s piece and short this stock for 2013 — Citron are going for a $300 target to start with. Volume is huge every day and the borrow is not a problem. I expect some will argue that there is product liability cover. But such cover does not secure profits on future planned sales and reputational damage is huge.

Burberry features Eddie Redmayne as a pin-up boy. He also features in Les Mis (see below), but neither of these instantly recognised features explain the extraordinary buoyancy of Burberry’s (BRBY) share price, now 1,370p. And as for Mulberry (MUL), currently 1,290p, I can only say “Cor Blimey!”

Orwellian update: I am told that a man in his early twenties in a fund management business received an email from his father requesting him to own up on behalf of Dad to a speeding offence. He agreed to do so by return email. This was not very wise but, no doubt, a consequence of his unquestioning loyalty to his father. Not long after, his firm’s compliance unit, foolishly chasing another matter of total insignificance (I won’t detail it — I just ask that you take my word for it), alighted upon this email exchange and took it upon themselves to report the young man to the police. Dad is pleading guilty and will lose his important job as a result. As matters stand, the young man will be out of the finance industry — the police are determined that justice will prevail. Is it not great to be ruled by people like these compliance officers?!

Film review: If you feel like going to Les Mis, give it a miss! The summary comment is that it is cheaper to snooze at home on one’s chaise longue than to try to settle into a typically small £10 Cineworld seat! However, if you must go, I warn that you have to endure a persistent stream of really banal lyrics to explain the story and reasons. I offer you an example: “As I think I must be kind, I ought to save myself from a bind.” It’s tolerable once or twice. But after an hour (160 minutes all told) it gets really wearisome, especially since everybody (they’re all at it) wears a sad face at all times. I leave it to you and your tenner to decide!

Finally, do bear in mind that 82.7% of all statistics are made up on the spot!


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