The Best of Evil Knievel Diaries – Part 4

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A continuation of our serialisation of EK’s diaries…


A PR friend of Stephen Dattels, who promoted/floated West African Minerals (WAFM), says that Dattels is not a fool and that WAFM are cheap. But a contact of mine stresses that this is a pretty fanciful view. Whom do I believe? Well, to give you a hint, I have given up on declarations of friendship in the PR sense. They mean nothing. Just think about it: was Lord Bell really a friend of Berezovsky? Stay short of WAFM at 50p.

Barclays (BARC) have apparently spent £17m on a review of its corporate culture. This is at least one hundred times the required sum and also proves that the directors of Barclays are completely mad. I expect that some oik from the FSA said they ought to do it. Those whom the Gods would destroy…

Things are hotting up in the land of Bitcoins. I will not here recite the essence of this scam which is along the same lines as the US dollar save that the Bitcoins’ promoters claim that only 21 million will ever be, and indeed have been, issued (a claim indeed). However, you should Google this one and get up to speed. I have suggested to ETX to start making a market in this one. There will, believe it or not, be serious volume.

I have bought 50,000 Juridica (JIL) at 92.5p. Juridica finances litigations for a cut of the proceeds. It is valued at around £100m in the market as against tnav of £150m. This latter fact alone demands a second look. 

If I have said it once I have said it a hundred times: footballers are constantly offered fruit and vegetables as their main diet to the exclusion of things they like such as rare steak. The result is that, inevitably, a chap like Suarez, a footballer to his tooth tips, experienced a primaeval urge to bite Ivanovic’s arm in the closing minutes as we saw yesterday. Suarez just felt a protein deficiency coming on and decided he had to do something. It could happen to anyone. I would only add that had Suarez succeeded in biting out a chunk of Ivanovic’s arm, Ivanovic would himself have experienced a protein deficiency. A case for the Human Bites legislation.

Back on stocks, it seems possible that I might recover some of my losses on Coms (COMS). This penny stock has advanced sharply on the news that it has landed a £15m contract over the next two years. Given Coms’s capitalisation of £9m at 2.5p and on the assumption that this contract will not be the first of its size and scope, the idea that this stock cannot go sharply higher is silly. As ever, delivery must be demonstrated.

Margaret Thatcher’s funeral has been described as a political funeral. It is, of course, nothing of the sort: it is the funeral of a politician who, beyond any doubt, has been the greatest prime minister of my lifetime. I shall be sad.

Finally, I developed my small accountancy practice by listening to people describe their small company business problems. These were always personal rather than commercial problems. So I just love watching Alex Polizzi’s The Hotel Inspector. She has an unerring knack of getting the opportunity to look into the conduct of people who are wilfully, unworldly wallies. And unapologetic with it. Well worth an idle hour. Besides, Ms Polizzi has great tits.

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