Some interesting stats on the US equity market…

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The Dow is up 16.8% year-to-date, ranking ninth over the past 100 years.

The Dow has had 63 positive days so far this year. Only two other years have had more than that, and one other year has tied that.

The Dow has lost 1% or more during a single session only twice so far in 2013. Just eight other times in the past century have there been two or fewer 1% down days at this point in the year.

On a closing basis, the maximum drawdown for the Dow this year is 2.21%. This is the third lowest maximum drawdown out of the last 100 years (through the first 100 trading days).

The Dow has not had a three-day losing streak yet this year. The Dow has never before gone 100 days without a three-day losing streak, whether it be at the beginning of the year or otherwise.

Assuming May is positive this year (which it should be, unless something goes horribly wrong next week), it’s only the eighth time in the last 100 years that each of the first five months of the year were positive.

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