Small Cap Award Nominee Profiles: Jubilee Metals Group

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Small Cap Award Nominee Profiles: Jubilee Metals Group

As we approach the Small Cap Awards, due to take place on 25th June, Master Investor profiles some of the companies and people shortlisted. Jubilee Metals Group has been shortlisted for the Impact Company of the Year award. 

Jubilee Metals Group Plc is an international and diversified metals producer listed on AIM and Alt-X. The company is focused on the treatment of both surface tailings materials and primary mineral ore generated from 3rd party mining operations. Led by an experienced team with the ability to design, build and execute environmentally conscious metals recovery solutions, Jubilee has a well- developed strategy to widen geographic and metals exposure driven by rising environmental obligations.

With operations in South Africa and Zambia, Jubilee Metals has an established multi project portfolio providing exposure to a broad commodity basket including Platinum Group Metals (‘PGMs’), chrome, copper, lead, zinc, vanadium and cobalt. The established nature of the projects means that timelines to implementation and exposure to mining risk are vastly reduced.

In the last 12 months Jubilee completed the acquisition of the Zambian based Sable Zinc Refinery, which further enhanced its operational earnings capacity. The company’s recent interim results for the six months ended 31 December 2019 highlighted yet another strong period which saw group earnings increase by 778% to £6.67 million, and cash generated from operations increase by 570% to £4.89 million. The company also reported that PGM production and revenue were up 72% and 130% respectively and chrome revenue increased by 707% to £9.12 million when compared to the same period in the previous year.

The legacy left behind from centuries of irresponsible mining activity in Africa, which has produced millions of tonnes of exposed waste at surface level, contaminating soil and water, which is key for survival in rural African communities, presents an increasing environmental challenge, which needs to be addressed. Vital to Jubilee Metals’ strategy is its commitment to ensuring that there is a significant reduction in this environmental hazard and waste. In Zambia, a focal point of the concern relating to mine waste exposure, Jubilee is committed to processing 6.4 million tonnes of lead-rich mining waste left from previous ventures, which for years has contaminated the area’s soil and water leading to countless cases of lead poisoning amongst locals, and through the use of its bespoke processing capabilities will significantly reduce the risk associated with mine tailings.

In addition to reducing mine waste and relieving communities of the dangers associated with this contaminated material, Jubilee has been active in empowering local artisanal miners who rely on the extraction of metals from waste sites for their livelihood, often exposing themselves and their families to the hazards contained within. Jubilee with its proactive approach, provide PPE and education to help reduce the potential harmful effects and associated health risks of this practice.

There is an ever-increasing requirement across all continents for legacy environmental clean-up and a cleaner planet. Jubilee Metals possesses the in-house technical capabilities and vast knowledge in the field of reprocessing mine waste and metals recovery across a broad basket of metals to offer a solution, whilst continuing to build value for the benefit of all its shareholders.

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