Seven books by female authors to help you take control of your finances

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Seven books by female authors to help you take control of your finances

In this post we’ve partnered with financial publisher Harriman House to share a reading list of some books in their portfolio by female authors.  

Harriman House have kindly provided a discount code: IWD25 for 25% off plus free delivery across books on their site. 

In this fun, wise and incredibly helpful book, Iona explains why investing matters. She also shows you how to get your basic finances right, save for a home and make your pension socially responsible. You’ll find out all about the rewards and risks of online investing and learn how to manage your long-term finances so you can avoid major mistakes and achieve your goals.

Also watch Iona’s talk ‘How to own your financial future’ at the 2020 Master Investor Show 

  • Ripple by April Vellacott and Jez Groome

Ripple is about how small behaviour changes can have wide-reaching effects in the real world. Through storytelling and practical tips, Ripple takes you on a journey across the globe which will leave you inspired to start applying behavioural science to improve the world around you.

Also watch April’s talk Master Investor Show 2020 talk ‘Behavioural Science and Nudging: The Secret to Helping Us Make Better Investing Choices?’

From the moment you open ‘Money Fight Club’ you will begin training for a fitter financial future. Your attitude to money and how you spend it will change forever. You’ll be shown how to take better care of your cash and make the best use of opportunities to save money.

This book is a friendly guide covering all aspects of starting up – from developing a business idea and setting up a company to marketing your new business, getting that first sale and making the most of the latest tech developments. 

This book aims to share approaches to conscious investing that are valid for everyone: a normal person with a family to take care of, as well as dedicated impact investing enthusiasts. Throughout, you will find personal investment stories that have created tangible real-life outcomes and positive impact in multiple ways.

Conscious investors represent a new, enlightened group of investors who are not only value-driven but who proactively point their money towards the future they want for themselves, their children and their planet.

Kathleen’s description of her method, and ideas on how you can use it too, will appeal to anyone who wants to learn more about how to trade foreign exchange as well as those already in the market looking for a fresh approach. Blissfully free of rhetoric, written in an accessible personal style and punctuated with anecdotes from Kathleen’s unique career in the markets, this is a new and refreshing look at foreign exchange.

  • Inspirational Investing

The final book in the pile is one that I’m working with Harriman House on, Inspirational Investing. 

Today marks the one-year countdown to the launch of this book which will highlight the reasons why women make exceptional investors and will include insights from some of the best female leaders in the investment industry. Launching on International Women’s Day 2022. If you have any questions or want to be involved with the project, drop me an email to connect.

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