Quotes of the day from Twitter on a certain share “tipster”…

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Typical attention seeking frm failed investor/CEO/Journalist. Didn’t think he could go lower in my estimations but he has with that

City Spineless bastard that never had the balls to say this when Bob was alive: 

£52K for a train driver but how many lives in their hands compared to a ramping shares blogster? 

You scumbag – the shite you’ve cost people with share ramps and you follow me on Twitter 4 leads too – Bob Crow’s brother 

You are one of life’s spineless little failures and if you had a fraction of Bob’s popularity you’d be doing well   

Do not waist your time debates with personal insults speaks volumes. what’s missing in someones life to be so angry?”

We certainly echo those remarks, and some!

Answers as to who we are talking about on an email to editor@spreadbetmagazine.com! 😉

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