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UPDATE (2) – Shocker! Amari Dhari abstained. Resolutions passed in favour of the deal – 63% in favour. A closer look at the votes cast shows a strong No vote by the retail holder – some 49m shares – including S Chapman and myself that means nearly 30m shares voted against. When we said we spoke for 30% of the shares we were correct although we did count on AD confirming their No vote on the day.

What we must now do is ensure that the de-list is NOT voted through at the AGM next week – pens ready again chaps!

UPDATE – We understand there are only 84m votes in favour so far – basically Amari Dhari hold the swing vote now (contrary to expectations of Rowan holding the power). We also understand that Plus representatives tried to bar Spencer Wilson the AD representative from entering! You cannot make this up…

Press commentary has been extensive this weekend and much that is to be said, has been said. We now simply wait on the votes being cast and counted this morning to see whether a victory for Private Investors against all that is wrong with the City (greed, vested interest, disdain for private shareholders etc) succeeds, and which really depends on our ‘swing’ man Mr Bruce Rowan.

Godspeed to all shareholders. Update after the meeting at 9am.

Here’s hoping this is the last time that the poster boy for a real AIM shareholder spring is required to be posted here!

Mr Cyril Theret – Plus’ soon to be ex CEO


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