plus markets – round 2!

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Comrades, following the disappointing abstentions by the 2 major shareholders at Monday’s EGM which resulted in the sanctioning of the sale of Plus SX to ICap, it is important not to lose sight of the primary issue that now faces us, namely the complete sweeping into the street of Messrs Basing, Theret and the seemingly perpetual maternity leaver that is Mrs Wynne Evans (unbelievable that our FD was away so much during the company’s darkest hours…)

Although we all feel a little dejected at present, indifference with regards to the AGM vote to (a) remove Basing and (b) remove Theret aswell as vote AGAINST the re-election of Wynne Evans will potentially result in them remaining in office and so drain the company’s (ie ours) coffers further. You MUST apply your vote again at the AGM, quite aside from the potential issue of the Company being de-listed that they are pressing for.

Plans are afoot for replacement Directors as we speak and also a new direction for the Company. We are also looking at the possibility of Gross Misconduct charges against the majority of the Board and indeed they have been asked to do one ‘right’ thing and resign by a major shareholder. Round 2 we can win.

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