Message to David Cather and his BoD members at Avocet Mining – put your money where your mouth is

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It is fair to say that both AVM and KAZ have been our complete disasters this year (there is always a few each year and it is part of the market process – nobody gets them all right).

As regular readers will know however, I am a big, big, big believer in management alignment and, looking at the positive story CEO David Cather puts out on AVM on the link below (and that with the cheapest valuation in the sector, pretty much globally, has blind-sided us) I question why, at sub 10p, he is not putting some of his extremely well padded salary into the stock?

Take a look at the interview below and make up your own mind.

David – the floor at SBM is open to you personally (not your IR head) to answer this key question as I understand you are not presently in a closed/restricted period. Align or resign is our motto – your shareholders are waiting.

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