Meet The Writer: Mark Watson-Mitchell

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Meet The Writer: Mark Watson-Mitchell

Name: Mark Watson-Mitchell

Occupation / Profession?  Investment Journalist

Biggest pleasures outside work? 

Wines, food, films and jazz.

Best investment advice?

I put out a note to buy ASOS shares @ 5.75p in January 2004. The shares touched 98p that year and went on to peak at around £87 each.

Always handle your own investments, don’t give anyone discretion over your funds.

Best investment action?

Always look at the Balance Sheet and in a negotiation always let the other side tell you what they want before stating your requirement.

Always question why someone is telling you to buy a stock. The market has an expression – “Where there is a tip, there is a tap.”

And never try to catch a falling knife.

Is there anything you’d do differently?

I have made so many mistakes in my life, you show me someone who never makes mistakes and I will show you a liar.

But when asked what would I do if I had my time again – my answer would be to become an accountant and a lawyer, to learn how to plaster walls and to become a London Taxi Driver. That way I would certainly always have an income.

 Biggest influences?

 In my early stockbroking days, I followed the dealings of Jim Slater as he built up his group.

However, I will always be grateful to the Hon Angus Ogilvy, for whom I worked in the investment group through which he funded Tiny Rowland’s Lonrho Group.

 Angus taught me about the technical analysis of investment charting.

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  • Bill Moore says:

    Was not Harley Drayton with Sir Angus Ogilvy behind the Genesis of Lonrho ?
    I would be fascinated to know more about this from Mark Watson-Mitchell

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