Last 20 tickets for the UKInvestor Show especially for SBM readers

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20 Tickets for the UK’s Top Investor Show – Just for Spreadbet Magazine Readers!
The UK’s top investor show is taking place in less than two weeks’ time at Excel in London on April 13th. Featuring investment legends such as Mark Slater, Nigel Wray, Lucian Miers, Nick Leslau, gold guru Dominic Frisbey, Alpesh Patel and also fat, pompous and self-opinionated bear raider Evil Knievil as well as Nigel Farage MEP from UKIP, tickets sold out more than a month ago. But … we kept our allocation of 20 pairs of tickets in our bottom drawer and can release them now.

For full details of the event, of the 25 star speakers and of the dozens of companies attending go to

And if you want to get hold of one of the last 20 pairs of tickets going just email with the strapline Ref SBM stating your name and full postal address and the tickets will be sent out to you on Tuesday. There are just 20 pairs of tickets left. They go on a first come first served basis to our readers.

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