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The Huddle 100 Club – SPONSORED CONTENT

A peer-to-peer (P2P) lending platform matches businesses or individuals looking for loans with individual or corporate lenders looking to achieve a rate of return on their capital. Borrowers enter their information into an online application portal and the P2P platform then offers lenders the opportunity to choose the loans they wish to invest in. Overall, P2P lending platforms provide a more efficient way for lenders to lend, and a more cost effective way for borrowers to borrow.

Access to this type of alternative finance provides the benefit of rapid loan approval for borrowers. And for investors it provides an alternative investment opportunity and diversification across an investment portfolio. For investors it also can enable higher returns because loans are repaid with interest. Of course, higher returns can sometimes be associated with increased risk, and because of this you may choose to invest just a proportion of your portfolio into P2P lending.

Huddle Capital launched at the Master Investor Show in March 2017 to an audience of between 4,000 to 5,000 visitors. The event celebrated its 15th Anniversary and once again covered multiple investment sectors, alongside keynote talks on the next big investment themes. Huddle utilised the event to raise awareness of its progressive business-to-business platform and to recruit the ‘Huddle 100’ networking club.

This club consists of the first 100 founding lenders to invest their cash reserves through the platform. Working on a first come, first served basis, the ‘Huddle 100’ club rapidly reached capacity and the 100 investors who recognised the opportunity provided by becoming part of this exclusive network each received £1,000 credit for every £5,000 invested in Huddle. They will also receive a range of benefits through partner firms, in addition to invitations to special lender events on an ongoing basis.

Huddle believes in educating and providing thought-leadership around P2P lending platforms. We also will not allow our customers to invest in any lending opportunity that we would not invest in ourselves. And we strive to deliver high returns to our investors, whilst minimising their risks.

The process to join us here at Huddle is simple. Firstly, join our community to learn what P2P lending is. Then, having met the criteria, find your perfect loan, complete the legalities and become part of the membership of our platform. Finally, having invested, you can start to realise your Return on Investment (ROI). By simply signing up you can view the latest loans and benefit from 5% cashback on your first investment (your capital is at risk, terms and conditions apply).

As an authorised representative of Rebuilding Society, Huddle operates under FCA authorisation and permissions. This means that Huddle complies with all applicable regulations relating to a P2P lender, providing any customer of Huddle with security. However, it also means that we have a recognised level of knowledge and expertise for P2P lending. So, will you consider joining the Huddle?

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