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Regular readers of this blog will know we got into a spat with one of the lowest forms of life imaginable some months ago – the cowards/ghouls that lurk on bulletin boards and post lies and untruths. 

There again are untruths being posted on the ADVFN Ceres Board (I suppose it says all we need to know given that they use ADVFN and not a “proper” board like iii!) by a poster that goes by the rather ironic handle “SueYou”! His grasp of mathematics is shaky to say the least and I’d suggest he reads our last 3 posts to understand the true metrics behind the placing and similarly ask himself why there remains continued demand for the stock now the excuse of a CEO Pummell is walking the plank..? 


Conclusion – anybody reading the numbnuts post should take a large vat of salt!


PS Sueyou – why don’t you live up to your name? Our contact details can be found on the Contact Us page

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