Cataclysm is Opportunity: New Master Investor report

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Cataclysm is Opportunity: New Master Investor report

The advent of COVID-19 has sent shockwaves through global financial markets, which have now entered bear market territory for the first time since the global financial crisis.

Investors are understandably nervous as they assess the long-term implications of the outbreak and the ensuing lockdowns that have brought many areas of economic activity to a standstill.

But with crisis comes opportunity.

In this special report, James Faulkner and Victor Hill explain why the outbreak will accelerate many of the underlying trends we’re already seeing in economies and markets. Some companies will see their development turbocharged as a result; others may never recover to pre-coronavirus levels.

All this will come to an end at some point in the not too distant future. But life will never be quite the same again.

This special report by Master Investor’s Victor Hill and James Faulkner explores how to survive and prosper in the economic fallout from the coronavirus pandemic. Click HERE to buy now. 

Report Contents

Coronavirus: why nothing will ever be the same again

The global lockdowns have caused the most violent shock to the global economy since WWII. The way we do business and the way governments work will be fundamentally different post-pandemic.

In times of pestilence…policy dilemmas

Why government’s response to pestilence has varied. How come Sweden has left its schools and restaurants open?

Why do mortality rates from the virus vary so much?

The mortality rate in Italy is 11 percent but in Germany it is 1 percent. Why? Part of the answer is the testing regime but there is more to it than that.

Will the banking system take the strain?

French economist Phillipe Herlin thinks that the danger posed by the CV-induced recession to European banks is grave. In a recent article he argues that this represents a massive shock at a moment of maximum weakness. What are the chances of a systemic banking collapse in Europe? And has the ECB run out of ammunition?

The fragmentation of the European Union

European solidarity has been trashed as it is every man for himself. This will have even more consequence for the European project than Brexit. Victor is predicting that the UK will definitively leave the EU single market and customs union with “no deal” on 31 December. The current debate in Europe about “coronabonds” is raking up ugly sentiments in Italy.

Emerging markets – trouble ahead

Africa and South America will be the last continents to succumb to the virus and will be the worst affected by it. Emerging markets are likely to fall much further.

Cataclysm is opportunity: who will be the winners and losers

Sectors on the up and sectors on the down – now and post-pandemic. We look at three categories; (a) stocks which are likely to rise during the pandemic; (b) those which will rebound quickly post-pandemic and (c) those which will never recover to pre-pandemic levels.

Survival strategies: what the post-pandemic world will look like

How to prepare for a world of higher taxes, wealth taxes and the gradual adoption of Universal basic Income (UBI). Globalisation will go into reverse with the rise of national resilience as the watchword of the right. Re-shoring will become the norm. Much attention will be given to preparation for the next pandemic. We discuss which technologies will be accelerated by the experience of the pandemic.

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