Are these so called guru’s right and the “big one” is coming straight at us?

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They predicted it was going to happen long ago.

Are we talking about Nostradamus or even anything remotely as cheesy as him? We all know that was a load of baloney. Just hot air and wind! Right? The Mayans might have got it right after all. Remember, the end of the world for them didn’t necessarily mean the end of the world it just meant the end of a cycle. A new cycle might begin, just different, opening up a whole new world. So maybe that cycle did begin as the door closed on 2012. January came and went and we are still here.

But, there are people who are in-the-know and who are able to predict (or think they can) what’s going to happen even years ahead of when it actually does. Yet, we only look back and then it’s too late for the ‘if-only’ statements and weeping over the milk that got spilt. There’s no point looking back and regretting anything. Might as well listen to the people that have correlated the ups and downs in the financial markets. For once! What else have you got to lose?

If we are to believe what they said, then this is the year. 2013! It’s going to happen according to them. The stock-market is ready to crash yet again this year and this time it’s going to be a big one. Let’s take a look at what was said, when, why and by whom.

1. Charles Nenner 

Claimed in December 2010 that the crash would occur sometime either in 2013 or just after. Although, we might ask if that is called hedging one’s bets. Nenner is a stock market analyst, right? But three years ago he developed a correlational theory that expressed the stock market moves as being influenced by sunspots.

Anyone that wants to predict the downturn in the market will be able to consult the predictions of the sunspot cycle via That means, in fact, that sunspot cycles are predictions that will enable us to make further predictions about the economic cycle of the world. Yeah!

2. Peter Schiff

Predicted that the bang would occur this year too. This is the guy, you will surely recall, that was poo-pooed because he said in 2007 that the stock market crash of 2008 would occur. We were told that the economy back then had never looked so good. Now, he’s predicting the crash of 2013. Can we afford to turn a blind eye to this one? There will be a huge US Dollar drop and Treasury bond crisis. He says that the banks won’t hold up this time. They have been shored up once before, and they have passed Federal-Reserve tests regarding their ability to cope in the event of a crisis. But, he adds that they are not ready to pass any stress test for viability over a Treasury bond crisis like the one that is lurking behind the Fed’s door this year. Shiff is one of the few that believes it’s 2013 and that things are nowhere near the happy-go-lucky mark that people are spouting on about.

3. Jeffrey Gundlach

Predicted the 2008 financial crisis too. Now, he is also one of the few telling us to prepare for the time-bomb that is about to explode. In January of this year, he said that the market was ready to implode. That’s all because we have been living on debt that has been piling up for thirty-odd years now. In the first decade we got hooked on debt. We must have been candy-flipping back then. We really jacked up, didn’t we? The second decade saw all of that go pear-shaped as we walked right into the sticky mess of the sovereign debt crises and the foreclosures. Our debt had become too big to be anything more than a big burden weighing us down. The third decade is just starting. It will involve rampant inflation that we’ll obviously try to control, but that we’ll make worse, debt defaulting on repayments as well as corruption galore. Lovely! Gundlach suggests that we should be moving elsewhere right now. Only problem is he doesn’t tell us where!  Does it all sound familiar, though?

4. Robert Weidemer

Robert Weidemer tried to get his video interview banned, but you can see it at:

Weidemer predicts that unemployment will hit 50% in the USA. 90% of the stock market will be wiped out and there will be inflation of 100%. Too over the top? Well, Weidemer predicted the failings of the housing market and the catastrophic result on the world’s economies. The unsinkable USA almost sank because of it. Probably best to jump ship now.

5. David Stockman

David Stockman predicted a few months ago that we were on the next train to stock-market hell and there were no tickets left for a return journey. That’s because, according to him, the Federal Reserve has been dishing out too much monopoly money. There are no real gains in the economy, just phony spoof-like patchwork. But that’s ready to pull apart. How can you not believe Stockman with a name like that?

The bursting of the dot com bubble cost us in the region of $5 trillion from 2000 to 2004 as it bust in our faces and brought the world down. That was even bigger in 2007, when it cost $7 trillion and perhaps we are still notching up the cost even today. How much is it going to cost this time?

Believe it or refute their claims as drunken beer-talk down the local pub. But, when (or if) it happens, no point telling anyone that you didn’t know. You can lay off the ‘what-ifs’ now. They won’t wash. I’ll just say “I told you so”. Maybe the Mayas got it right after all. The new cycle might begin this year. Just have to figure out what that new cycle will include, don’t we? The death of the dollar? The Death of our economies? A new cycle? But, hey, if the predictions were as worthy as all that, we wouldn’t be doing much all day, would we? I wouldn’t, at least. We would be acting on them, wouldn’t we? Or maybe we are just non-believers.

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