Another empty train gets ready to leave…

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Which sector presently has zero interest by fund managers, proven all time great hedge fund manager George Soros buying big time call options somewhat out of the money, has its underlying primary product beginning to trend higher, is dramatically oversold and trades, overall, at a small premium to cash and a very large discount to book vaue?

Yup, its the gold mining sector. Take a look at the chart below to see just what a bottoming formation looks like.

Weekly chart proxy for gold mining sector

A bit like our call on Japan last year (see here –, where we alerted our readers to the asymmetric risk/reward profile (a good 60% lower than when “Mr Big Call” John Piper and the voluminous one Caaaawky advocated getting long by the way!!), this is how the train leaves the station while everyone goes about their business without even noticing it… 

Even the bulletin boards are quiet in relation to many of the stocks in the UK!

If you want to be aboard this train and would like to participate in our sister company’s Natural Resources spread betting fund that is heavily weighted towards this sector with both UK & US plays, then email us at quoting GOLD or alternately visit our website below and register your interest.

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