Another day and another egg on face for a “certain someone” X2 at a certain wesbite

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It seems that yesterday a “certain website” sent out a promo to their mailing list promoting a specific company (Tangiers Petroleum) that they had in fact savaged on their own website. 

Here’s a snippet from their grovelling apology today – 

“…That website then garnered publicity for its shit analysis by paying various UK website owners so (sic) send out a promotional mailing. Websites like this, ADVFN, etc are free to access and we therefore run a business model based on allowing financial services companies to send mailings to your (sic) mailing list. You know we have to pay our writers somehow!

I am embarrassed to say that OneFreeShareTip – an excellent website we run in partnership with ADVFN ran this mailing…”

You can’t make this stuff up!!

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