A reminder of our KAZ blog of 6 weeks ago. You have to question if the “anal”ysts stupidity is actually by design?!

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Kill all the lawyers? Kill all the “anal”ysts more like!

I present below (the name of this “anal”yst omitted for his posterities sake!) an anatomy of a recommendation by one of the investment banks in one of our fave mining value plays (Kazakhmys) over the last few years…

This “anal”yst now, incredibly, has a price target that equates to the (current) net cash of the business (130p) and so values Kaz’s assets at zero. And this guy presumably gets paid to write this drivel?

Notice anything in his chart? He’ll have you buy at anything upto 1500p but now (not strangely shown on the chart) SELL at 190p!! Are we the only one’s that are not amused by such a recommendation record and fail to see how anyone can take this guy seriously?

Here’s a link to another one of these “eedjeets” recommendations in said stock – http://www.spreadbetmagazine.com/blog/kazakhmys-the-parallel-universe-part-2updated.html. “There’s none so blind as “anal”yst is our new saying”!!

We remain long and proud!

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