Sticky losses keep Integumen down

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Sticky losses keep Integumen down

Shares in product testing specialist Integumen (LON:SKIN) fell 1.41% to 35p (as of 15:00 BST) after losses for the six months ended 30th June were flat despite revenues almost tripling. The company has signed a number of new deals over and after the period and expanded its York laboratories to meet demand.

CEO Gerard Brandon commented: “Over the past two years, Integumen plc has transformed from a struggling health services business into a revenue-generating company focused on providing integrated environmental, skin and health specialties underpinned by scientific expertise and advanced by AI. As the business continues to grow and evolve through collaboration and acquisition, unaudited revenues were up 290% for H1 2020 and are £1.004 million (H1 2019 £0. 347 million). Q3 sales are expected to be in excess of £1m and guidance remains at £4m for 2020.

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