Deep Longevity bought out by Regent Pacific

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Deep Longevity bought out by Regent Pacific

Previous Master Investor attendee Deep Longevity announced that it has been acquired by investment group Regent Pacific (HKEX:0575) in a share-based deal valued at approximately $3.8 million. This price is below the company’s valuation and is partly due to the business opportunities provided by access to key people in Regent’s team including Jim Mellon, Jamie Gibson and Dr Wei-Wu He as well as access to cash to accelerate growth. Deep Longevity is an AI-centred longevity business that was incubated by Insilico Medicine and is already generating revenue with the potential for fast scaling and potential partnerships with major Chinese businesses.

Regent’s management said that the acquisition offered the opportunity to transform the company to become the world’s first publicly listed longevity specialists. Deep Longevity’s current management including Dr Alex Zhavoronkov will remain with the combined business.

Regent Pacific CEO Jamie Gibson commented: “Our long-term vision is to transform Regent Pacific into a global end-to-end longevity and wellness biotechnology company dedicated to extending healthy productive lives of billions of people worldwide by developing a longevity ecosystem. It is only logical to start executing on this vision via the acquisition of the most sophisticated AI system designed to track the rate of human aging and evaluate the effectiveness of longevity interventions. This system can be used by the longevity and performance clinics, insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, and large employers that deeply care about their workforce.”

“DLI is the original inventor of deep aging clocks with granted US patents, high-end clinics as clients, great scientific publications, top AI and longevity scientists, and more than half of the acquisition value being held in cash from expert investors. It is a great asset to serve as a core engine of our longevity ecosystem“.

Disclaimer: Jim Mellon is the Chairman and owner of Master Investor.

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