Trump is proving a true nutcase

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Trump is proving a true nutcase

The press consistently gets Plus500 (LON:PLUS)‘s rating wrong. Journos seem to think that the FCA hangs over PLUS ready quite whimsically to kill off this fraudulent concoction. What they fail to grasp is that the FCA does not care how much PLUS’s investors get ripped off since PLUS’s investors have entered the jaws of hell through some overseas regulatory route. Thus investors have to decide whether these overseas regulators will say “No more”. The jury is out.


Trump is proving a true nutcase. He finds himself calling the shots and decides to throw his weight around. He then finds that the laws and the lawyers he must protect are opposed to him. So what does he do? Simple: he declares that the lawyers are wrong. The end result must be the destruction of his presidency. He is so thick that he cannot realise this. The question is: how long has he got?


Last night I chanced upon Malcy’s latest blog (Tip TV – Malcy’s 2017 Bucket List) covering his bucket list of oil shares for 2017. He was/is universally bullish, particularly in relation to Victoria Oil and Gas (LON:VOG) which I yet again purchased perhaps four months back at 35p. He smells multi-bagging on the way. This is fine but Cameroon carries political risk and I think a little caution would be appropriate. I sold half my holding at 63.5p this morning. I will be delighted to regret this in due course.

Incidentally, Malcy is Malcolm Graham-Wood and a cousin of the late Charlie Graham-Wood who established Cafe du Marche in Smithfield about thirty years ago as managing partner alongside my brother-in-law. This venture has been a spectacular success both financially and, perhaps more importantly, as a restaurant. It was the Cafe that majored on pommes frites all those years ago and provided the best in London. It still does. As you will see from Malcy’s rendition, he has lunched well and often. I expect it is those pommes frites that can be readily blamed. Or it could be the wine list etc. etc. Cafe enjoys a central requirement of any enduringly successful restaurant: it is real in its artistry.

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  • Richard Borley says:

    Evil Knievel

    There seems little information about Melrose Industries plc latest operations in the USA.
    They seem to have been very successful in turnaround’s in Europe and generous to shareholders, of which I am one.
    Do you have a comment?

  • sam says:

    Mr Trump will make USA great, by removing the deep state of entrenched robber barons who have destroyed any incentive to work more efficiently because the barons will steal your money by devaluing the currency, they call it inflation which they create. I hope trump will succeed by destroying the thieves.

  • Bob Mackintosh says:

    Re. The Donald: The problem he has, which is not dissimilar to the Brexit situation here in the UK, is that the country is so deeply divided that both sides are tempted to use due legal process to further their own ends. For this reason (the lawyers in the US being part of “the other side”), Mr Trump probably feels that the normal checks and balances of the US constitution should be temporarily suspended, since they are not serving their intended function.
    In my view, he didn’t need to rush into everything so fast – he is inexperienced and should take his time. But perhaps he views it as a war situation, and he needs to steal a march on the enemy.
    Whether he will win the war is a moot point!

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