Time to sell again?

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Time to sell again?
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Last week, a longstanding chum, an engineer by training, spent a day at the EU parliament. Although he was a guest of his UKIP MEP, it is clear that the entire place is a scam run by the Commission.

The parliament’s agenda is determined by the Commission and any member of staff that speaks, perhaps even thinks, against the Commission renders himself liable to dismissal.

Seeking to wash his hands before lunch, my chum encountered only cold water. This is not through economy but through fear of spreading Legionnaires’ Disease. This in turn is caused by the fact that MEPs tend not to use their bathrooms since they do not wash. The result is that the plumbing has never been cleared of Legionnaires’ Disease.

Statistics are cobbled together by faking input material. The central feature is that the outcomes thereby achieved support the Commission.

How anybody ever supported this madness is beyond me. It cannot possibly work. Anyway, we’ll be out of it in a few months. Thank God.


The outcome of the Clear Leisure (LON:CLP) auction in Italy is now to go to appeal. The fact is that anybody undertaking commerce in Italy is unwise since the Italians have no intention of paying out.


Johnston Press (LON:JPR) has seen its largest stakeholder, the Noisy Norwegian, increase his stake to a blocker. I do not mind this since the NN has no interest in seeing the value of his stake wiped out and since he knows about the vast tax losses. I went in too early at 10p. But I have not written it off.


Finally, Andrew Left at Citron has gone bullish on Tesla (LON:TSLA). I am amazed and do not know what to remark. Time to sell again?

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  • Sohail says:

    Simon has a very long record of consistently picking winners ,although
    None of us can be correct all the time.

  • philip baker says:

    RE.A is at a new low, the company has sold a coal mine? I did not know it had. is this company still a screaming buy or has the world changed against palm oil?

  • G. Jackson says:

    I invested in Symphony Environmental upon reading Evil’s article some time ago. Now I am no way holding Evil responsible for my investment as I thought it looked good and should have a good future BUT at the moment it looks rather sad. I was therefore wondering if Evil had any views as to why it had dropped and what the future may be for it

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