The Evil Diaries: Wirecard and Pantheon

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The Evil Diaries: Wirecard and Pantheon
We kick off this morning with a report by Zatarra Research ( into Wirecard (WDI on Frankfurt). This is a big company and there is plenty of stock to borrow. Punters should plunge virtually without reserve on this one cognisant that this informant, your diarist, does not know when the implosion will occur. But it surely will – now E42.


I took a call from a nom de plume yesterday. I am always slightly uneasy about attaching importance to such sources and cannot understand why anybody feels the need to speak through aliases. However, I listened as best I could and noted that this voice and his geologist pal think Pantheon (PANR) could be worth £10 a share in due course. I slept on this but bought this morning at 97p.


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