The Evil Diaries: “What a shambles”

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The Evil Diaries: “What a shambles”
Those with longer memories will recall the 360 economists who opined very early on in Thatcher’s reign that her policies would be disastrous when in fact the policies proved to be just what the country needed.

Today we get the update in the form of 200 “Business Chiefs” who have signed a letter to The Times declaring that Brexit will put jobs at risks. They should have stressed that this would be so if in fact those remaining within the EU elected to be utterly irrational and antisocial. The “Business Chiefs” simply do not know that they will so elect.

With these round robin jobbies, one has to be extraordinarily careful about this sort of expression of opinion. One has to try to work out what is in it for them, the “Business Chiefs”. (Incidentally, it is not very helpful to try to assess the credentials of these “Business Chiefs” but, to take one example, I see Lady Ruth Rogers MBE, Owner of the River Cafe (no less) has attached her name. As restaurant owners go I doubt if she is the best informed. For me, Rocco Forte would be a better bet. And Rocco is an Outer. And so on and so forth.)

In any event, this sort of letter, if it is to offer anything remotely interesting, must surely cover what happens to the upside if we Brexit. Needless to add, the letter is woefully incomplete in this regard. These “Business Chiefs” are merely self-important networkers. Oh I know they go round getting government contracts etc. and think that they are frightfully important. But that is all they offer. Intellectual integrity? Fergeddit.
I had no sooner finished drafting the above when the chairman himself came on the wireless. He makes the very good point that these “Business Chiefs” have never built up a business of any consequence but are instead the sort that worm their way into FTSE chiefdoms and, as a result, think they are the bee’s knees.
Just looking through the list of “Business Chiefs” again I see that one of them is a John Harries who is the proprietor (no less) of the Three Horseshoes Inn. Would this be the Three Horseshoes  situated at the junction of the M3 and A301 and about half a mile from Much Snoring in the Marsh? Or is it the pub on the way to Bangor which sells OK ham sandwiches on Wednesdays? It’s so vague.
Also there is a knight, Sir Peter Kendall of WJ Kendall Contracting Limited. This does not sound like an expanding business. Business Chief, eh? Sounds more like Business Indian to me.
What a shambles.
Anyway, back on stocks, Tyratech (TYR and TYRU – the latter is the ultimate choice whilst the former is currently at a discount) have today announced that Vamousse is now to be distributed by Rite Aid, which, the RNS advises, is a chain of 4,500 stores in the US. The RNS goes on to mention that the coverage in Sainsbury’s and Tesco has increased. As ever, there are no figures but Tyratech is capitalised at two shillings and sixpence. It’s either bust or the real deal. If the latter we are looking at serious wages down here – 3p or so.

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