The Evil Diaries: “This country is run by madmen”

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The Evil Diaries: “This country is run by madmen”

You got to hand it to Rob Terry. As soon as the SFO announced that they were going to work over Terry he graciously commented that he would of course be doing everything to cooperate – as if he had the choice. Anyway, it looks pretty clear to me: Quob Park (whatever that corporate vehicle is) is finished and holdings in the likes of Daniel Stewart (DAN) and Imaginatik (IMTK) will have to be ditched. So far these share prices have held up – but not, I not very humbly surmise, for long. Needless to add, the lunatics who constitute the Quob Park assembly will feel disenfranchised and sell their holdings as well. Cor Blimey!

Anyway, I bought 200,000 Quindell (QPP) this morning at 82.5p. Given the fact that the BoD, a new and reputable group, strongly indicate a 100p payout in, say, three months’ time and given the fact that the residue is surely worth well upwards of 50p – probably 80p, anything below 100p now is simply far too cheap.


The chairman got me to short Singaporean dollars against USD. They were 1.3835 to buy. Help yourselves. You know it beats work.


Finally, there is an interesting letter in today’s Times from His Honour Judge Nigel Seed QC who, in the early 1990’s, was prosecuting Ms Forde, the Salisbury brothel keeper. It is perfectly clear that Ms Forde never offered any evidence of paedophilia in relation to Heath. Seed QC ought to know. And so one wonders just what causes Wiltshire police to go round, as they now are, inviting claimants/victims to come forward. And even if “victims” do come forward, do the police propose to dig up the body of a fellow who has been dead these last ten years? Really! This country is run by madmen.

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