The Evil Diaries: TalkTalk, Pantheon and Lord Rose

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The Evil Diaries: TalkTalk, Pantheon and Lord Rose

I sold TalkTalk (TALK) at 205p since I do not see their way out.


But I discounted the placing rumour at Pantheon (PANR), since that is already in the price, and bought again.


I think I see that the LibDems propose half price tube fares for Tube journeys started before 7.30 a.m. This makes a lot of a sense since the fixed cost of the underground operation is high and more effectively recovered if it is used over as many operational hours as possible. Further, it is reasonable to suppose that other (or later) journeys would be less packed.


I think I know how to run a business, even though (or perhaps particularly because) I learnt later than others. But one of the things I have noticed about successful businessmen is that, as a result of their success, they really rate themselves at politics. That, I presume, is why Lord Rose let his name go forward to be chairman of Britain Stronger in Europe.

However, listening to him a couple of days ago on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme. I heard him utter the most amazingly muddled tosh. He simply spouts figures where he has no evidence to support them and he muddles up the arguments that he should be able to recite/reel off instantly.

It gets worse. Here I copy Guido Fawkes. When questioned, Rose answers that he leads:

“First attempt: “Stay in Britain.” Wrong.
Second attempt: “Better in Britain Campaign.” What?
Third time lucky? “The Better in Britain Campaign.” Nope…
Attempt number four: “Better Stay in Britain Campaign.” Err…
There’s a very easy way to remember the Britain Stronger in Europe campaign, Stuart. It’s BSE…

Incidentally, he is on wages for this work. Either that or an upgrade to an earldom.

Perhaps all this is Cameron’s handiwork in pursuit of a hidden agenda to Brexit. One never knows.

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