The Evil Diaries: Sergio Garcia, Labour, Volvere and Beximco

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The Evil Diaries: Sergio Garcia, Labour, Volvere and Beximco

I had backed Sergio Garcia eachway with BetFred and squeaked a dividend which has been sufficient to pay for all other losses on the Open. That’s a fluke. Incidentally, BetFred is now the most efficient taker of bets in the country. Further, they will give you a run for your money – that is not the same as organising a runaround.

I’ll regret this no doubt but I backed (only £500 mind you) Corbyn to win the current contest at 10/11. I do not see how he loses.

Elsewhere, as we look at the dissolution of this once great political party, I asked a barrister at lunch on Saturday as to who gets all the filing cabinets and premises etc. at Walworth Road in the event of a split of the Labour Party. He said the Corbynistas get the lot. So the new boys who will represent the only hope will immediately start with no organisation and assets whilst the children under the Pied Piper Corbyn will end up with a lot of assets which they will not be able to handle. Bizarre or what?!


I bought Volvere (VLE) this morning – this time at 525p. There’s no stock about.

And I sold the last of my India-resident grandchildren’s Beximco. But only for tax purposes – they are beneficiaries of split year treatment and take up tax residence in the UK in a week’s time. They have been hitherto India resident all their lives. What was it that Sir James Goldsmith said about investing or not to save tax – that the investor will soon have no tax problems? I must be barmy – there is nothing wrong with Beximco – indeed anything but.


The market has been astonishingly cool over developments in Turkey, which now seems to be a basket case in the making. Norman Stone, who is some professor in Turkey (and used to be at Oxford), reports that the Ministry for Religion circulated a pamphlet very recently to school children to the effect that should one shag a corpse or a goat one has to do an extra day’s fasting over Ramadan. Well, there is always downside when engaging in pleasure; one should learn that early in life and, possibly, often (when in Turkey).

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